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Our Services


Concrete can last a lifetime, but through enviormental factors such as weather and checmical damage (Salt, ice melt etc) can deteriorate the surface. Let us discuss options to restore your concrete instead of replacing. 


Concrete repair, crack repair, cementious overlays, colored coatings are all ways we can repair damaged concrete to get it looking new again.  Even using existing cracks integrated into the design of your finished product. 



Epoxy flooring makes use of resin and hardening compounds that work together to form a strong adhesive bond to your surface. Adding color chips and a industrial grade sealer will give you a floor that will withstand all of your projects and traffic, and stay looking great for years. Something that sets us apart from other epoxy installers is our ability to install an overlay on the exterior threshold of your garage. Giving your floor a clean fin look and not exposing the epoxy to harmful UV rays. 


We use a waterproofing system that is injected into the problem area of cracked concrete. This application is great for foundation leaking, porch cap seepage and any other interior water intrusion through concrete. 

We also apply waterproof Urethanes to prevent water seepage to your horizontal surface, thus improving the resilience of your floors against any type of damage. 

Decorative Overlays

Using a polymer fortified cementious material, we can create a full range of coverings and colors. Faux stone, brick, paver, and even tile can be achieved by our overlay application to look like the real things with a reasonable price tag. 

Post Install


-All Concrete Overlays come with a 5 year guarantee. This includes blistering flaking and workmanship failures.

-This warranty does not guarantee against cracks. Any existing cracks will telegraph back through the overlayment at some point. 

-***The use of any salt or salt based ice melt products will void this warranty.*** 

 -All urethane coatings and crack waterproofing comes with a 10 year guarantee. 

- If you are past the 5 year mark, please reach out to us anyway. We enjoy helping our clients keep their projects looking their best. 

Proper Care

-Never use salt or any chemical on your overlay or coating. 

-Only use plastic or augered snow blowers, steel augers can scrape and damage overlays and sealer. 

-Sealer needs to be reapplied every 3 to 5 years to prevent oxidation.

-Decorative overlays require sealing every 2 to 3 years to maintain color integrity and to resist color fading.

- If you have any questions about proper care of your overlay or coating, please contact us. 

Our Process

-We start every project with an assessment of damage and repairs needed. We will determine what material is needed for optimal repair and what will work best with the existing materials.


-A pressure clean with a cold water 4500PSI cleaning machine with a turbo pressure tip, removes all surface contaminants and lose debris. This also slightly etches the surface, opening the pores of the concrete for flawless adhesion.


-Once dry, we will focus on patching and repairing trouble areas. This includes cracks, spalling and otherwise damaged surfaces of the concrete. We then use polymer fortified concrete patch mix. We mix each batch by hand to ensure correct consistency needed for your unique surface.


-After a cure period, we will use a  7″ angle grinder with a 24-segmented diamond turbo cup wheel to grind the surface smooth. This allows a ideal surface for hand troweling an overlay. An additional surface clean to remove dust and debris and the concrete is ready for our polymer modified cementitious overlay. -Mixing this unique polymer additive into our concrete sand and lime blend allows for superior adhesion to the existing concrete surface. 


-We hand trowel the textured overlay, ensuring consistency and similarly unique pattern that is not achieved by using a stamp. 


-The overnight curing time for the overlay is enough to be able to apply our solid color stain and water color stains. Adding color truly brings concrete to a new level of design and allows integration into the landscaping and elements of the surrounding materials. Colors absorb into the porous surface providing long lasting hues that resist chipping and fading. 


-Sealer is then applied with an airless pump machine. Depending on the level of porousness the concrete presents, we like to apply 1 to 3 coats of topical acrylic sealer. This beautifies and enhances the colors and brings the final finish to a stunning just wet look. 


If you have any further questions about our process for your project, please reach out to us! Each project is unique and can require small variations to our preparation and application process. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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